Moths (2011)

by Alighieri

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released September 26, 2011



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Alighieri Tracy, California

Alighieri is a three-piece American death metal band from Tracy, California. Formed in 2006, the band has released three EP’s in addition to various demos and promotional material.

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Track Name: The Atmosphere Between
As the sands of time blend with//that of this dead man’s valley//the hallucination’s puddle deepens//while I draw closer//to the center of madness//what is this//what is this torture?//In a secluded raving for peace//I am now one with the deadened//aspirations of youth//what form of torture//has been bestowed upon me?//when the very surface of which I wish//to be devoured//will not accept my donations//I have failed//I find myself nonsensical; “nothing is never enough as we wither with the sands of time”//I am lost in the atmosphere between//sanity and my mind’s corruption//I was dragged to the lands that bleed forever//and I returned to nothing//I have searched through the inner workings//there was nothing left//I escaped from the lands that grieve forever//and I returned to nothing//I have searched through the inner workings//there was (nothing)//there was built a perception of life//beyond the borders of death//there was built a perspective of life//at the borders of death//I am lost in the atmosphere between.
Track Name: Nights
Night! that wretched event//where heaven earth and hell will//harmonize//on this current setting I find myself lying in my vast//my vast sanctuary of self reflection//(my anger is a house)//I will bed with destruction//and in that romanticism//will be born//a rather interesting proposition//and when I sing my son to sleep//I'll plant my nightmares into his head//my horrible visions complete//I cannot wait for those nights!//I now bed with destruction//and in this romanticism//is now born a rather interesting specimen//Night! This wretched event//where heaven earth and hell collide//my wonderful plan to//plant the seeds//of my resentment //takes shape//I only live to savour the pain of existence//so I can wade in its shallow pool//my wonderful plan!//I am a deceiver//you were a fool//I do represent//all that I hate in this life//I am a deceiver//not just a fool//this (child) will represent//all that I hate in this life//your sole purpose was to be a shell//for when my dark present to the world is conceived I will often//look back and smile//oh it was I!// with mal intentions at night!
Track Name: Isolating The Moth
Sprawled across the sign//like limbs deadened and decayed//were letters that spelled the harsh reality//of what my future held//just beyond those lead lined doors//its been days since the elders cast me out//they’d said I had forgotten//what it was to feel//all alone am banished// to the black house where the light of that day//repeats//that day when I saw a man clutching on to his son//with a look of confusion//scribed across his face//he had explained to me//(with such conviction)//the fraudulence of my work//and disguised his fears//with a sharpened tongue (then I quickly took//control of THAT situation)//there standing at the top of the stairs was//the architect that brought death//to the oncoming herd//to the oncoming herd//I never heard the warning//that was never//meant to be heard//ill fate was wished upon he who had power to draw the world//but exhaustion plagues the strength of this fallen angels hands//my intentions were never to appease the gods!//I solely wished to make a//a mockery of what they protect//now all alone in my//my dark corner of the world//I fly towards the light of that day
Track Name: Atlas Mourned
Beyond the wreckage//where a century of hope is found//one man is left underneath//the weight of a fallen empire//to rot with the seeds of lust//could the sun rise and shed some light?//the sun won’t rise (“oh, shed some light!”)//to mend those wounds formed by the darkness//of a nations loathsome hands that had//held him down under a city of sin//when the foundation crumbled and the light caved in//even the greatest skyline did collapse//in the presence of a dream//that dream called hope//yet somewhere beyond the wreckage//there once died a man//amongst the remnants of his//failures//the horror rebuilds over these salvaged lands//and it industrialized fear//the horror rebuilds over to start again//to start again//the nation that portrayed hope//as a perishable resource//is lost within itself.
Track Name: Transparent and White (The Apparition)
I’m asleep assuming the role of victim//I feel something//I’m awake assuming the role of a stranger//something cold surrounds (me)//all through the dark//I open my eyes to a//contorted pale frame//her eyes staring out to//nowhere at all//she moves so gracefully in spite of me//dancing unlawfully transparent and white//belligerent I respond to a distorted sense of volume//with ears hearing nothing//I start to fear my own fate//before I even begin//belligerent I remove the covers//to reveal a//much darker incarnation of fear//and I fear my own fate//will mirror that of this wretch!//I pretend there was life//at the//bedside I will believe//I believe in this life//I can see I am graced by//graced by the in-disposable presence of death at my place of rest//the apparition, transparent and white.
Track Name: The Cessation of Parallels
It was quite magnificent//through the exchange of blood torrents//was painted an array of floor tiles//and with a disregard for symmetry//the lines blurred//to a dull representation//of functionality and control//I was bound to a dim fate//what an unfortunate occasion//when one could become victim//to the dusk of his//of his understanding//there was a reason for the imperfections at hand//standing in the mirror enfrente de mi horror//and it bore the basis for this concept of parallels//then with the utmost//precision nailed me to an idea//betrayal underneath the skin//underneath the skin//a betrayal!//now inside this reflection lies what a//tormented man is made of//how absurd//to believe that what gives life//could be poison//then there was one line to destroy the outcome of this//y despues era una linea mala no hay parallels!//yet in spite of this confusion//I see life escape me//at the cessation of parallels I feel my pulse retreat//but these line are NOT parallel//and they never will be!//now through an ever present manipulation lies a newly found truth//I was bound to a grim fate//and was coalesced by deception’s calloused hands I’ve been crucified by internal war and left to die alone//left to die alone//and with a disregard for symmetry//the lines blurred//to a dull representation//of functionality and control//I was bound to this fate//what an unfortunate occasion//when one could become victim//to the dusk of his//of his understanding//in this moment//of my demise//my heart collapses//in this final breath//my eternity//forever free!//from these calloused hands//forever free!//I do believe//I am saved//from eternity//forever free!